Orli likes beautiful things, and in this, she suspects that she is not alone.  In fact, she suspects that you may agree.  After all, form often follows function, but within form, there are multitudinous opportunities to amplify aesthetic appeal.  Enter the movements of applied art, an all-encompassing approach to art and creativity that reaches far beyond the fine arts to touch industrial design and everyday objects with aesthetic design.  Using fluid draping, clear and strong colors both bright and soft, and Orli’s characteristically deft blending of vintage and modern styling, Aesthete pieces are inspired by four such movements: Bauhaus, Art Neouveau, Art Deco, and Arts and Crafts. 

Let’s get aesthetic.

It’s good to take a break, recharge the proverbial batteries, engage in lounging behavior, and catch up on some serious rest and relaxation.  Doing so can sometimes clear the mind and lighten the heart.  Orli often enjoys the simultaneous lively activity and peaceful tranquility of beaches.  With their vibrant and shimmering shades that change as the day progresses and the warmth and sensory appeal of their natural atmosphere, coastlines are rife with symbols long associated with the beauty and balminess of beaches.  From birds to big waves, Orli invokes them colorfully in Coast. 

Let’s get coastal.

Cities tend to invite love-hate relationships.  On the one hand, urban centers can be large, impersonal, overwhelming, rough, hectic, crowded, and cold.  On the other hand, they can also be hubs of cultural activity and human accomplishment.  Inherently opposite and exciting, the metropolises of the world both awe and confound, deconstructing preconceived notions of city life and constructing new ones simultaneously.  Using durable, lightweight metals in a variety of shades juxtaposed with natural imagery and bright and organic color palettes, Deconstruct presents an interpretation of cityscapes and urban style.

Let’s get deconstructed.

Steep yourself in work so modern and right-now, it’s practically futuristic.  Sleek, polished, elegant, lustrous, and genteel, Contempo is the ultimate in current, luxurious, edgy style. 

Let’s get contemporary.

Everyone doodles.  Most people doodle on napkins with a pen or pencil, but as a jeweler, Orli doodles in jewelry.  Always susceptible to inspiration, Orli enjoys tinkering in her studio with miscellaneous shapes, colors, ideas, and materials.  Unintentional, random, and accidental, these works are the products of spontaneous inspiration onsets. 

Let’s doodle.

On September 12, 1962 at Rice University, President John F. Kennedy delivered what would become a historic speech.  He explained that the United States could not “expect to stay behind in the race for space.” As a result, he stated that “we choose to go to the moon in this decade” and that the United States would “do all this, and do it right, and do it first before this decade is out.” The Sixties and the Space Race were a spirited time in world history, when nations rallied behind great expectations and accomplishments.  Neil Armstrong took mankind’s first steps on the moon’s surface within that decade, which began a continuing fascination with the universe’s ethereal beauty and scientific possibilities.  Interstellar is a remembrance of the origins of space exploration in the 1960s and its evolution through the decades since as technology has become more advanced and mankind more curious about the deeper regions and mysterious phenomena awaiting discovery. 

Let’s get interstellar.

Like many of us, Orli has always harbored a fascination with motorcycles.  The experience of riding a motorcycle has captured the popular imagination for decades.  It encompasses the freedom of movement on the open road and the ability to take in the sights and smells of nature at your own pace.  The lone rider on a vast expanse of highway, contemplating the natural world and feeling the profound openness of immense space, is an intriguing and inspiring image.  As biker jargon, ironside refers to the parts and detailing comprising the top half of a motorcycle.  Orli’s Ironside takes iconic features of motorcycle style, including spikes, chains, and suedes, and presents an elegant collection of chopper-inspired work drawing its aesthetic from the ostentatious costume jewelry of the Eighties, when bigger was always better. 

Let’s get ironsided.

Some say the Sixties and the Seventies were the best of times.  Some say they were the not-the-best of times.  Pretty much all say they were also the colorful of times.  Dramatic change affected everything, from society and politics to music, art, and fashion.  Social movements reflected the progressivism of a modernizing global society, cultural movements reflected youth rebelling against older ideas and styles, and lively, striking color exploded everywhere.  Costume jewelry packed with bright hues and bold beads became pervasive, the more audacious, the better.  Kaleidoscopic pays homage to this massive rush of peace, love, and style with high-voltage shades and shapes and a distinct combination of both vintage and modern lines.  

Let’s get kaleidoscopic.

These are not Generation Y’s spikes.  Piercing the glow of day and the dark of night, neon can be seen clearly from both near and far.  Neon is many things.  It’s a noble gas known for its molecular stability.  It’s a storefront sign delineating whether a property is open or closed.  It’s also a quality of light and color, indicating something that radiates in any condition.  Using light, smooth materials and electrifying color, Neon pieces are always glowing. 

Let’s get neon.

Orli has decided that there is no reason for any aspect of any piece of jewelry to be boring in any way.  Jewelry can be a total experience, encompassing a unique look and feel and displaying beauty and interest at every angle.  In fact, it was in this collection that Orli first pioneered her use of draping extensions at the backs of her necklaces.  Party in the front, in the back, and on the sides, Prismatic pieces are characterized by opulent sensory appeal that rivets your visual and tactile attention with lavish, vibrant colors and an intricate incorporation of texture and surface. Ultimately, this collection reflects richness, playfulness, and rampant whimsicality. 

Let’s get prismatic.

As a bona fide comics enthusiast, Orli celebrates the Marvel Comics multiverse, including the art and times of Stan Lee and his colleagues Jack Kirby, Len Wein, and Chris Claremont.  Drawing inspiration from the flawed and conflicted heroes emerging and reemerging during the Silver and Bronze Ages, this collection capitalizes on the decisive colors, bold lines, and action-packed symbolic resonance of the genre. 

Let’s get radioactive.

The next time you prepare for a formal event and feel yourself lapsing into your formal routine, just stop, because you have the right to remain stylish.  Being formal doesn’t mean being tiresome or usual.  Orli is refining fine by re-finding and redefining it.  For Refinery, Orli has created pieces worthy of the black tie with her typical twist of interesting.  She has taken the concepts of formal and fine and remixed them for a sleeker, more elegant, and more striking result.  Remix and re-find your formal style.

Let’s get refined.

The natural world runs wild and free at every turn, providing beauty and colors more varied and vibrant than one can possibly expect.  In Verdure, Orli explores the natural world with earthy and organic hues that complement natural themes and nuanced designs. 

Let’s get verdurous.