On September 12, 1962 at Rice University, President John F. Kennedy delivered what would become a historic speech.  He explained that the United States could not “expect to stay behind in the race for space.” As a result, he stated that “we choose to go to the moon in this decade” and that the United States would “do all this, and do it right, and do it first before this decade is out.” The Sixties and the Space Race were a spirited time in world history, when nations rallied behind great expectations and accomplishments.  Neil Armstrong took mankind’s first steps on the moon’s surface within that decade, which began a continuing fascination with the universe’s ethereal beauty and scientific possibilities.  Interstellar is a remembrance of the origins of space exploration in the 1960s and its evolution through the decades since as technology has become more advanced and mankind more curious about the deeper regions and mysterious phenomena awaiting discovery. 

Let’s get interstellar.