Orli’s journey, from past to present, is ongoing but has always involved making jewelry.

The dawn of time: Orli is born.  Beads and metals hear of this and are gripped by fits of excitement.

Forward five years: Orli, while on vacation, refuses to leave the hotel room because she does not want to stop playing with the bead kit she received as a gift.

Forward ten years: Orli has experimented with a rich variety of arts and crafts, from beading on a loom to creating her own marbleized paper to printing her own tee-shirts.

Forward two years: Orli teaches herself the rudiments of jewelry-making using basic beads and materials.  She feels that her ideas have surpassed her skill level.

Forward one year: Orli enrolls at university.  During orientation, she discovers her university’s professional-grade jewelry studio and metals shop.  She proceeds to spend an inordinate amount of time there, honing her skills in material, design, and process.  She learns almost everything she knows from her classmates and especially from the guidance of the incomparable Jeff.

Forward four years: Orli holds her first solo exhibition and wins an award recognizing her work and involvement with the jewelry studio.  She graduates from university and uses this prize to acquire her own workbench and tools. 

Forward one year: Orli participates in an open studios event and is both thrilled and humbled to receive praise for her work.  She is asked for her website, business card, social media handles, and professional email address.  She admits that she currently has none of these but promises to get on it.

Now: It is time.  Orli has been prolific, creating all manner of pieces and all manner of collections, participating in shows and exhibitions, receiving all manner of inspiration, and indulging in all manner of creativity.  Beads and metals are still gripped by fits of excitement.