Adored By Alex
"Again, a pair of statement earrings can be dressed down or up. Getting glammed up for an evening with hair in a chignon and heels had me feeling so chic and pulled together. Wearing my Orli Penny earrings added an extra special touch, especially when knowing the tough and detail that went into making them." Read more at Adored by Alex.
"Versatility doesn't need to come in just clothing however... for me jewelry is equally as important.  I've been styling my new handmade Orli Penny earrings in endless combinations lately. The turquoise, green and gold accents simply pop whether I wear my hair up or down. I've received so many compliments on their beauty and uniqueness. One of a kind, my Big Wave earrings harken their name with such perfect detail!" Read more at Adored by Alex.
"I'd say I'm a pretty huge advocate of great accessories and jewelry to accentuate any outfit. Whenever I travel I usually bring quite a few pieces of jewelry to interchange throughout my trip." Read more at Adored by Alex.
 Lavender and Lace
"It is few and far between when I find a jewelry company that creates pieces that are unique, surprising and truly one of a kind. I felt this way when I came across Orli Penny - for its artistic and whimsical styled pieces. You get the sense that there is a story that goes along with each piece of jewelry, that there's history embedded into its stones." Read more at Lavender & Lace.